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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two Cats + One Pug = Funny Friday!!

How many of you enjoy entertaining your dogs and cats with flashlights or laser pointers?  I admit it--I've done it.  It's hilarious and the animals seem to enjoy it, too.  And while one should always be careful with the laser beams and our sweet fur-kids' eyes, they get a workout and so do our abs when we chuckle and guffaw at their antics.  Enjoy! 

Cats vs. Laser Pointer

Kittens Can Catch?

Laser Pointer Pug


  1. thanks so much for visiting dakota's blog this morning! We are now following you (all of us!!) Hope you will do the same!

    1. Already following! Thanks, Caren and Cody! Have a great weekend..tail wags!!

  2. I have a lazer Mom keeps forgetting to let me play with it. I have shown you guys having fun, so perhaps she will find it out for me :) Have a wonderful Furiday, Pop by for some Bacon xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    1. Hey Mollie! Mom should definitely dust off the laser pointer..smiles for everyone! Have a great weekend…tail wags!!