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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Can't See My Feet! (or, All I Got for Christmas is FAT)

As pet sitters we are frequently asked questions concerning pet health.  Here's a good one we discussed with a client recently:

Q:  What are some games I can play with my cat to get him moving?

A:  Cats are predators, and the way to get them to play is to let them use their hunting talents. Buy toys and then use them to copy the movements of animals a cat would love to hunt - mouse, bird, lizard, rabbit,  bug.

 Take a laser pointer and skitter it across the floor like a bug. 

Get a wand toy that looks like a bird and pretend to land and take off. But don’t just flap it around. Think like a bird!

 It’s all pretend play, but try to make it as real as possible for your cat.

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