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Monday, January 4, 2016

The Tail of Two Dogs--Part Two

The last time we checked in, we shared a story about a dog named Graycie (a 12 yr. old Weimeraner) who was suddenly struggling to walk.  Through friends of friends, we were able to connect Graycie's owner Kristy with someone who had a doggie chair they wanted to donate.  Well, here's the update.  After two weeks of not walking or even sitting up, Graycie is getting used to and enjoying her new wheels!  Take a look at the videos Kristy sent us last week:

Here's what Kristy wrote on her Facebook page:

"Four weeks ago, our Graycie's health started going down hill. She couldn't get herself up or walk at all. Since then, she has gotten lots and lots of love and has been through various tests and even got a donated pair of wheels! We are still unsure as to what exactly caused her not to walk but she is doing well with her wheels and is even starting to hobble on her own! It's been a roller coaster but for now, we are thankful to still have her and continue to love her each day!"

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