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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Happens to Your Pet If Something Happens to You?

Barks and Blooms wants to help save your pet with one question:  If anything happens to you, what would happen to your pet?  The hard fact is that 4 million pets are surrendered to shelters because their owners have either passed away or become seriously ill and can no longer care for them.  Pets that have been accustomed to a loving and comfortable home do not adjust well to the lonely, cold confinement of a shelter.

They refuse to eat

The become depressed, showing signs of being un-adoptable

They are the first to be euthanized.

We discovered a wonderful nonprofit called 2nd Chance for Pets that can end this very preventable problem.

These 3 easy steps will save your pets life:

Step 1--IDENTIFY A CAREGIVER:  Someone who you know will care for your pets with the same love and passion that you have.

Step 2--PREPARE WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS:  Describe how you want your pets to be cared for.   Document your instructions and let others know where these instructions are located.

Step 3--SET UP A FUND:  You currently pay for food, supplies, medical care.  Consider setting aside funds to cover temporary care for your pets.  Their needs don't stop just because you aren't there.

For more information,  contact 2nd Chance 4Pets at info@2ndchance4pets.org

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